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Archival site of Takashi Hiraide, the author of The Guest Cat and For the Fighting Spirit of the Walnut.

As a poet and a critic he has published numerous poetry books including The Guest Cat, an international bestseller novel.He is a professor of Poetics as well as a core member of the Institute for Art Anthropology at Tama Art University in Tokyo.
He is also working for design and photography as a book artist especially for his via wwalnuts.
He writes flowers as bones acclaimed by Yoshikichi Furui citing from Le He and he has brought forth the new prose from within the poetry, like Rilke did, recommended by Kenzaburo Oe. The pure contradiction of this prose-writing poet shall appear here.
book photos by KARIN
footnote photos by Takashi Hiraide
平出隆  詩人、散文家として、数々の詩書を刊行。国際的ベストセラー小説『猫の客』の著者。みずからのデザインや写真による、極小の本 «via wwalnuts» 叢書を刊行中。多摩美術大学教授、芸術人類学研究所所員。古井由吉により「花を骨となす」(李賀)仕事として迎えられ、大江健三郎により「詩の中から新しい散文を生み出す詩人」として推輓される。詩人にして散文家でもあることの「純粋な矛盾」を生きる仕事。

book photos by KARIN
footnote photos by Takashi Hiraide

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«Portraits of a Young Osteopath (In the Beginning» via wwalnuts 19

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«Duineser Elegien 1»

Reiner Maria Rilke
translated by Yoshikichi Furui, line fed by Takashi Hiraide
photo by Chihiro Minato
March 11, 2016