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This refers to a method where a literary work is written and designed by the author, then personally wrapped in a transparent material and sent to the reader. It is simply mailed as printed matter through the regular post, but the contents of this package were created by hand. The creative endeavour of writing, book design, package design, arrangement of address stickers and postage stamps (even sticking them on the package by hand) is all done by the writer himself, making for a singular package. The limited copies are then delivered to the readers.

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作家自身が自装の自著を透明な資材で梱包して読者へ送る方法を指す。通常の郵便のPostal Parcel をPrinted Matter 扱いで送付するものだが、内容物の著述から装幀、梱包デザイン、宛名シール・切手の配置、貼付まで、すべて著者自身の手によって作業されるという一点だけの梱包物。数少ない部数が、希望する読者に届けられる。