private print postcard

This is a series where the author’s favourite photographs are taken out of the drawer and printed by the author onto an original postcard format and then mailed to his acquaintances. Each photograph is limited to 7 prints. In all of them, the year the photograph was taken is indicated and the relationship to one of his literary works is suggested. The photograph is somehow connected to the content or the background of the literary work and as such, functions as a footnote to the text. This is an extension of the «FOOTNOTE PHOTOS» exhibits that have already been held three times in Tokyo.

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偏愛する写真を著者の引出しから選び、オリジナルの葉書フォーマットに自身の手で印刷し、知人に贈るシリーズ。各7部限定。すべてに撮影された年が明示され、自身の著作物との関係が示唆される。作品の内容や執筆の背景に関わる写真を、文学的テクストに対する「脚注」として呈示するという、これまでも東京で3度開催されてきた «FOOTNOTE PHOTOS» 展の延長でもある。

001~999=sequential number by photo
-z=photo without graphic elements. not for sale. [postal]
-a,b,c~=photo with graphic elements. for sale. [pure]